Monday, March 3, 2014

Full Circle 81

We have a full circle!  Seems like there was a long dry spell.

Owen Evelyn and Ann Heath Royalton Antiques Number 1423

Photo Number 1423

Iggy found an email address for Ann’s daughter Melissa.

I am one of Ann's daughters - this is quite a kick to see this photo!  I
have seen it before - and I definite recognized my grandma's handwriting
on the card!
Amazing how we can trace people with the internet these days...
Best, Melissa

  I mailed the photo and recently heard from Melissa.

Oh goodness, I let this email get buried in my inbox!  I'm so sorry for the late reply.
Yes, we received the photo just in time to send for Christmas.  My mom shared it with her brother and sister.  They were very curious about who the recipient was, and how it ended up in Royalton.  A mystery for the ages!
Thanks again, Melissa

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again.


  1. One of my older cousins had a baby Christmas card like that. I know the baby , second cousin, Teri is now in her fifties. They were the rage for a while.

  2. Yay!!! It has seemed like a "dry spell" - a cold one at that!

  3. Oh, hooray! We need a celebration like that. Glad for the Full Circle report.

    Yes, I often wonder how those photographs end up where they got found, too. Makes me wonder what the chain of events was...


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