Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Number 1527

This is another Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Mett Harrison CP

A damaged Cabinet Card, yet if it is the only photo you have of relatives it can still be appreciated.

Ground Floor Studio 303 East Main Street   Abbey was the photographer in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Mett Harrison back CP

Mett Harrison

Not much of a clue but it is the only one on the back of the card.  This card is probably from around 1885 give or take a few years.  Did you notice his right hand? 

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  1. Nice to see the photos!

  2. A treasured photo for sure.

  3. Didn't notice his hand til you mentioned it. What do you think was the cause? Seems like 1885 doesn't quite match up with a war injury...either that, or he just looks too young...

    The way the names are written on the back makes me wonder if they are just identifying the nicknames or first names for each of the two subjects. I didn't have much luck stringing them together to find someone named "Mett Harrison."

    1. Thanks Jacqi, I never thought of that but it makes sense.

  4. I suspect Jacqi is right, this is Mett and Harrison - but the surname is not known.


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