Sunday, December 30, 2012

Photo Number 1092

This is a photo greeting card I purchased at an antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

1973 wedding DL Antiques

Taken June 2, 1973.  The Wallaces

Apparently the Groom was not quite part of the family yet.

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  1. Poor Mr. Wallace does not look happy. Of course, why should he be happy about the likelihood of eventually having to pay for four weddings. And if he did, how many of those marriages "stuck." :-)

  2. My sis married in 74 and these dresses look like her wedding.

  3. I think that Mrs. Wallace looks very frail and possibly ill, she also seems to be wearing a wig. If she is sick I can understand why Mr. Wallace is sad.

    The groom probably took the picture.

  4. Just from the context, I had thought perhaps this was the bride's parents...but when I took a look at a Minnesota marriage index on, the only wedding listed on June 2, 1973, was for a James S. Wallace and Peggy A. Duffy in St. Louis, MN. Of course, maybe this couple wasn't married in Minnesota. Or maybe the marriage index is not a complete listing. Hopefully, someone will figure this out and turn it into another Full Circle candidate.

  5. I find it striking how much the bride looks like the matron...


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