Saturday, December 8, 2012

Photo Number 1070

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Postcard 1928 Mrs E Barnard DL Antiques
A family with three children.  The little girls look really cute in their dropped waist dresses and the huge bows in their hair. 
Postcard 1928 Mrs E Barnard DL Antiques back
love to dear Connie
with best wishes for her birthday
from Mr. Mrs.E. Barnard 28/2/16
You don’t often see a date like this..I believe it is called British English where the day comes before the month and year.
Talk about a photo speaking to you..and the price was a quarter so who could refuse. Ha!
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  1. A great buy! Those little dresses are so cute.

  2. :) Was this mailed years too early and sent to you? :)

  3. I wonder if the signer of the inscription was Wm. [William] E. Barnard, instead of Mr. E. Barnard. The name William was often abbreviated by a signer to just "Wm." [with the "m" frequently small and flying high off the end of the capital "W"]. Also, it was considered very bad form for a male to sign "Mr." in front of his own name. However, it could be "Mrs." [which was generally expected to be written by the signer]. Yet, to me, the capital letter appears much more like a "W" than an "M." And while this is just a subjective feeling the handwriting seems to be more of a masculine nature than feminine.

    Unfortunately, the name of Barnard is not an uncommon one, and while the photo was purchased many decades later in Minnesota it could have been produced almost anywhere.

  4. It's 'Mrs', British English handwriting :)

  5. I sit corrected. :)


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