Monday, December 24, 2012

Photo Number 1086

For Christmas Eve, I thought I would share two photos found at a garage sale in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Accordian player PR Garage sale

That calendar on the back wall has Christmas Day as a Saturday.  That happened in the years 1937, 1943, 1948 and 1954.  I will guess about you?

Christmas couple PR Garage sale

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Happy Christmas Eve!  Our house will be full to overflowing this afternoon, filled with the laughter of our grandchildren:)


  1. I'll say 1954 - definitely. The beautiful drapes [I wish I had them] are of a 1940's and early-'50's pattern but many people kept their drapes and furniture for many years [an aunt of mine still had her very similar late-1940's drapes until she died in 2001]. Yet, what tells me the likely date of the photographs are the lady's attractive hairstyle [sooooo 1954 and definitely not a 1940's style] and the style of the man's glasses [which was also popular in 1954 and on into the '60s]. It's wonderful to see an accordian again! I so much enjoy accordian music. When I was young, there seemed to be one or two students in every school class that took private accordian lessons. I am reminded of Myron Floren who was the handsome and very talented accordianist on The Lawrence Welk Show for many decades.

  2. I forgot to mention that there are bubble lights on the Christmas tree here. Bubble lights were invented in the 1930s but not sold commercially until right after World War II. The ones on the Christmas tree here appear to be like those sold in the 1950s, not like the earliest commercial ones of the late-1940s. Also, the lady's dress is of a style popular in 1954.

  3. It would be good for me to learn how to spell ACCORDION and ACCORDIONIST before I die. :-)

  4. John was born in 54 and those curtains, lampshade etc. remind me of his baby photos. Looks like a real party animal in the pic!!!!!

  5. I cannot quite make out the name on the wall calendar but it looks like it probably is Watkins. Watkins household products were sold door-to-door for well more than a century. Watkins is a Minnesota company that was established in 1868 and still exists. My family bought a lot of items from the "Watkins man", as well as from the other door-to-door salesmen of companies such as Jewel Tea, Raleigh and Fuller Brush. The fuzzy date on the calendar looks to me more like 1954 than 1948, and the calendar's style is more like that of those made after 1950. Great to see the accordion! One of my best friends in the 1950s took accordion lessons.

  6. Wow! I am fascinated with these photos. The drapes are really something else and the lampshade in the second photo, very kitschy! All would be very popular today in antique stores! I also had to laugh at the boy, I believe, in the first photo laying his face on his arms on the chair as if to say, "oh, no, please stop playing that thing!" Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

  7. 1954 EZ. It must have been some party. Look at the gal with her head down on her arms in the accordion photo. Merry Christmas!

  8. There's no better time than right now to dig out my Christmas accordion records [mostly polka records] and get my chilly feet a-tappin'. Thanks for bringing back the good memories!


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