Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photo Number 1075

This is another photo greeting card from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Walter DL Antiques


Walter DL Antiques

Walter has a furry friend..but still seems lonely.

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  1. The little dog is cute, and the room looks comfortable. It seems like a pleasant setting in which to spend some long winter evenings.

  2. The photo does seem lonely to me. The room seems to have a woman's touch but yet, he is alone accept for the cute dog.

  3. The man may have been a widower. Yet, too many people wrongly assume that all people who live alone are lonely. All this photo really says is that the man was not smiling broadly when the camera's shutter snapped. Only minutes before and/or after the photo was taken, the man may have been joking and laughing heartily with the photographer. Facial expressions and body language in photos are poor evidence/indicators of actual personalities and mental attitudes. In the news I have seen pictures of some happy-looking people who not much later committed murder and/or suicide.


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