Sunday, December 2, 2012

Photo Number 1064

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.

Farmstead  with early Dodge 1920 to 1921 Radiator is the right shape for a Dodge Solway antiques

A farmstead with a 1920 or 1921 Dodge. My Dad says that the radiator is the right shape to be a Dodge.  That is a pretty big step to get in the door of the house.

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  1. It's too bad more of the auto isn't showing. Alas, many of the autos of the pre-1920-era had similarly-shaped radiators. Regarding the door to the house, the lack of a doorstep and no evidence of a walk or even ground wear near the door strongly suggests that door was rarely if ever used except for summertime ventilation. Since what appears to be the barnyard is behind the house, this door must be a front or side door. In most farmhouses [including my parents' 1880's farmhouse] the only door that was actually used as a doorway was the back door, which was usually nearest the barnyard and parking area. Regardless, this snap captured a point in time that probably was fondly recalled many times by those in the photo.

  2. Thanks for sharing another great old photo. Wishing you a pleasant Sunday.

  3. I don't this car is a Dodge. I think the Dodge had a rounded radiator - this one is beveled. I think this is an early car - maybe 1915-ish, perhaps a Studebaker or an EMF (a predecessor of the Studebaker 30). I might even be a Pierce-Arrow of the same vintage (c. 1915).


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