Friday, December 21, 2012

Photo Number 1083

This is a photo greeting from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Dohety DL Antiques

A very modern looking living room and note the Christmas tree is flocked but does not have visible ornaments.

We have a message on the back.

Dohety DL Antiques back

Just talked to Mother to see what your address was.  I just couldn’t think of Hazen to save my life!  I remember Hebron now I have it in my address book.  We’re having open house tonight 8-10 for about 35.  Sure wish you could stop in and see us.  Happy New Year Love Dohety/Doherty  New Years Eve.

Hazen and Hebron are both towns in North Dakota.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)


  1. I wonder if this is an early-1960's picture. That's quite a family, with the kids so close in age. I can't say I like the unadorned, flocked Christmas tree. It's too severe for my taste but suits the overall "cold" and uninviting atmosphere of the room in general.

  2. Hmmm. "Doherty" is a rather common surname, while "Dohety" is also a surname but much less common. "Doherty" is also uncommonly used as a given name but most often for males. Yet, the handwriting seems more feminine than masculine.

  3. Very sweet picture.

  4. I bet they were going to decorate the tree on Christmas Eve, maybe.

  5. Definitely a different decorating style--both of tree and room.

    While "Doherty" may be an unusual given name, it is not too unusual. Taking a little look online, I ran across a couple women named Doherty who were born in North Dakota, one of whom moved to Pope County, Minnesota, by 1935 and was still there for the 1940 census.

    Since you have a good eye for dating photographs, when would you place this one?

  6. This photograph looks like it was taken in or very close to the period of 1963 to 1965.


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