Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photo Number 1073

I have collected some Christmas Greetings from the past. 

Christmas Anton and ASophie 1944 DL antiques

From Anton and Sophie 1944

Christmas Anton and ASophie 1944 DL antiques

Christmas greetings could be combined with a photograph all on one card during the 1940’s.  I have not discovered any earlier than the 1940’s…that doesn’t mean that there are none before then..I just have not seen them.

Postcards with hand written greetings seemed to be the most likely card to be sent as a Christmas or New Years Greeting prior to the 1940’s…with a photo or with a wonderful winter scene.

It seems to me that this ability to have a photo card and greeting mass produced with envelopes was a good excuse for an annual family photo.

I hope you will enjoy this collection. Some have last names..so it is possible that some will make it home for Christmas.

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  1. The wicker chair in which Sophie is sitting appears to be ever so comfortable!

  2. I wonder if Anton and Sophie had celebrated a special anniversary that year?

  3. Since Sophie is wearing what appears to be a corsage, I agree that the photograph was probably taken during the celebration of a significant anniversary.

  4. What a precious couple!

  5. I'm wondering if this was a photo for a wedding. Both of them are so nicely dressed.

    Did a double-take when I saw the names at the top here. Sophie is my grandmother's name, and her father's name was Anton. Just hoping...I imagine there have been quite a few Anton-and-Sophies over the years.

  6. I enjoy ALL of these old photos, so the ones with Christmas greetings will be extra special.


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