Sunday, December 16, 2012

Photo Number 1078

I have yet another sibling for Craig, Colette and Blake.  This is the last greeting that I have of this family.
Joyce Monty Craig Colette Blake and Ryan
Ryan joins Craig, Blake and Colette..called at this time “The Monty’s”
Joyce Monty Craig Colette Blake and Ryan
I wonder if Monty is their last name?
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Update: Their last name is Strehlow.  I contacted their mother Joyce about other old photos and she said she had plenty and did not want anymore. 


  1. This is another charming photograph. Through this series of three photo greeting cards, it has been interesting to see this perhaps typical group of siblings grow.

  2. They look like they are all wearing new coats!

  3. Lovely - they all look well wrapped-up and happy in the snow. Their surname might be Montgomery?

  4. I wonder if it was the "full mony"? ;)


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