Monday, December 17, 2012

Photo Number 1079

This is a photo greeting card from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Telephone Gal Donna

Bill, Marvel, Debbie and Donna

This could be Debbie..she might have been the older sister or it could be any rate she is a precious looking child.

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  1. Don't hear of many gals named Donna...definitely no one using the name Marvel.

    1. Hmmm. Different worlds. Currently, I am acquainted to various degrees with five ladies named Donna, which was quite a popular name in the mid-twentieth-century. I've always liked Dion's 1963 rock 'n' roll hit, "Donna the Prima Donna." Also, when I was a child before and during World War II, I knew two ladies named Marvel who lived in my neighborhood, and there was a Marvel who was two classes ahead of me in school. Marvel was not an uncommon name in the first half of the twentieth-century, though not nearly as common as the name Donna.

    2. Donna was a very popular name in Minnesota the early 1950's. I know an elderly lady named Marvel:)

  2. Definitely a precious photo.

    I imagine that she is talking to Santa.

  3. She is a cutey pie!

    I had a crush on a Donna once... and a Debbie for that matter... :P But no Marvels (yet).


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