Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Number 999

This is another Cabinet Card from Craig.

Archibald Markellar Graves Cabinet Card Craig

Archibald Markellar Graves

Archibald Markellar Graves Cabinet Card Craig Back

This is the back of the card.  H. A. Steele  Jackson Mich

He has a chin curtain or a strap beard.  He also seems to be wearing a string tie or a small bow tie popular in the 1880’s.

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  1. Such beautiful eyes.

  2. He looks like a very distinguished gentleman :-)

  3. With a name like Archibald Markellar Graves, you would have thought this would be a slam dunk.


    Since you haven't had any word from Iggy yet, I took the bait and tried to look. Funny, there seem to be several Archibalds out there--even in Michigan--but not with that right initial.

    There is an Archibald Graves, born 1824 NY, who died in Coldwater, Michigan, in 1898--but on other documents, it appears his middle initial is "B" and not "M." So close, yet so far away....

    Another Archibald Graves, born 1826 NY, died in Davison MI 1904. No telling what his middle initial might be.

    However, here's someone who will mess up the map for you, but comes tantalizingly close on that middle name: Archibald McKeller Graves, born 1835 Maine, who moved to Sacramento, California, by at least 1867, according to several voter registration records like this one:

    Here's his Find A Grave entry, including obit:

    And his marriage to L. C. Vredenburg:

    Regardless of the similarity of middle names, that still doesn't explain what he was doing in California if he had his portrait done in Michigan!

  4. I have a theory that the man Jacqi found in California was "the right guy" and was in Jackson, Michigan visiting relatives.

    Perhaps this man: Oro J Graves,

    Was a brother or cousin. It's hard linking families when it means going back to the 1840-60's unless you find a family tree.

    The California Archibald is listed here (#329):

    #320 might be the man in Jackson, Michigan - it's hard to tell and harder to be certain.


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