Thursday, September 27, 2012

Photo Number 1004

This is another of Craig’s photos.

Goddard Jan 4 1895 Ny Craig

McFarlin and Speck are the photographers in Elmira N.Y.

It is almost Cabinet Card size but not is shorter that a standard Cabinet Card.

The wings on the sleeve of this gown give the date away.  1895.

Goddard Jan 4 1895 Ny Craig back


Mrs. ---- Goddard  Elmira N.Y.  Jan 4 ‘95

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  1. Is it just me, or do the ladies in this collection all have the same tight (and short) hair (style)?

    There is a Mary E Goddard, (b. Aug 1846) living in Elmira Ward 5, Chemung, New York at the time of the photo married to an Edward - but this woman doesn't look to be in her late 40s to me, nor do what we see of the first name match anything.

    1. Ah yes..the was the style back then! I think it was all pulled it just looks short especially with trimmed bangs.
      I would guess this lady is 20 years old.

    2. Don't forget that, around that time, a lady would put her husband's initial after the "Mrs."

    3. Yes, I realize that, but whatever that letter is D? - even the N in NY is disturbing :) It isn't M (like the one in Mrs) or E that I can tell... If it is a D... it might be "Dr"? Mrs. Dr. Goddard? Did they do that? I think Edward was a dentist, if I remember right.

    4. Iggy..don't spaz about it..some peoples penmanship sucks:)


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