Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Full Circle 60

This photo headed home.

Lethea Dickerson  early Cabinet Card Craig

Photo Number 997

I got an email from Craig that connected me to Dana. I mailed the photo.

Dana wrote:

Letha Iowa Dickerson
born 15 May 1883 in Rabun County, Georgia
died15 Aug 1972 in Deer Park, Harris, Texas

Letha was the daughter of Alfred Ervin Dickerson and Matilda A Justice both of Rabun County Georgia. She was the 4th of seven children. She married twice: 1st husband Charles Lafayette Rickman they were the parents of one daughter Mildred Lea Rickman (1913-1993) after Mr. Rickman's death in 1920 she married Harvey Franklin Dickerson grandson of Obediah T. Dickerson (Letha was the great granddaughter Obediah T. Dickerson). Letha is the beloved mother of my mother in love Naomi Dickerson Sanders (born 1925). I never met Letha but my husband and Naomi speak of her daily. She was an accomplished organist and pianist. She loved to garden. She loved to cook and was a splendid chef. She adored her two beautiful daughters. Mildred never had any children but Naomi had two children and Mrs Letha Dickerson lived with Naomi and her husband and their two children and Harvey Franklin Dickerson(1863-1948) brother Dillard (1866-1960) until her death in 1972. Her family was her life and she love each of her family members to the fullest. Her grandchildren were adored by Letha. Their home brimmed with love. She was gentle and loving. I would have loved to have met this very special lady. She taught her family about the Lord, she loved without reservation and she made those around her feel adored.

Ms Connie.....thank you very much! What you do is so awesome and special!
With Gratitude,

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  1. What a special full circle! This is just wonderful!

  2. Always happy to see when they head home.

  3. She sounds like someone you just want to sit down with and have some coffee and donuts.

    :) Glad this photo went home!

  4. My mother in love said she was so grateful to see this photo and remembers seeing it on a visit to Clayton Ga. in the 80's while at an aunts home. She is 87 yrs old and felt it was a miracle to be blessed with this photo of her mother. She compared it with other photos of her momma near the same age and deemed it her new favorite. She is very thankful to of of the people who who participated in making the reunion happen. Dana Sanders


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