Sunday, September 16, 2012

Photo Number 996

This is a Cabinet Card from the flea market near Wadena Minnesota.

Cabinet Card Kids faded Flea Market 1902(2)

Four children.  The photographer was Arthur A. Bentley.  He was in Sheldon N.D. only in 1902 so that is the year we will pick for this photo.

Some of these old Cabinet Cards fade easily especially if they are in the sunlight.  Every photographer had his own mix of photo paper and recipes..some were more successful than others.

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  1. The two middle children are closer in age than I first assumed...the little boy is standing on a box! It does give the photo better balance. The big sister is not towering over the others.

  2. Such remarkable clothing.

  3. I love the half-fearful half-what is happening look on their faces!

  4. Do you sell these I'm highly interested in this one as I live in Sheldon nd


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