Monday, September 17, 2012

Full Circle 58

This old photo found a home.

Iggy researcher extraordinaire found an email address for Marilyn.

Snapshot coffee time 1950 ML Antiques Erhard

Photo Number 962

Snapshot coffee time 1950 ML Antiques Erhard back

Update from Marilyn ( Granddaughter)
Anton Amundson was my grandfather and Ernest and Joel and Art Amundson were brothers like you found out. Edwin Ronningen was the brother of Emil's wife Marie like you mentioned and also the brother of Anna, my grandmother married to Anton Amundson. So Ernest, Art & Joel were double first cousins to my mother. The farm was originally settled by Amund Smikop Amundson and his wife Ronnaug. One of their daughters Ronnog (Rena) married Augustine Washington Wood and thus the farm became known as the Wood farm when they moved back to Rothsay and lived on the farm. Their son continued to live there and later it was owned by Ernest Amundson and then following his death by Joel Amundson. The farm is in Wilkin County near Rothsay, Minnesota. The house and the round barn are no longer on the property which is still in the family and now is owned by my cousin's son who has built a house there.

She was also kind enough to email a photo of the barn!

Photo from Amundson Collection

Photo from J & E Amundson Collection

It is a beautiful round barn. 

Marilyn Wrote:

The house and barn are no longer on the property. Wish it were!

She received the photo and wrote:

Thank you. I forwarded on to the grandson of Art Amundson who was happy to receive it!


Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)


  1. Another happy ending and what a fabulous round barn!

  2. Oh wow! Look at that nifty barn!!! That is so cool!!

    I'm so glad this photo made it home - :)

  3. Thanks for the background and picture!

  4. Great barn.Nice of you to send the photo back. Intense guy is amazing.

  5. All these Full Circles make me happy. Nice job!

  6. That is a great full circle. I would not have expected the chances to be so great for the owners to have been found on this one.

  7. It's always an extra reward when an old rescued photograph makes a connection with the family where it belongs.

  8. So glad the Amundson pic found its way home. What a bonus to get to see the pics of the round barn in exchange. Great story on this Full Circle!


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