Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Number 1005

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Flora Blood Class of 89 Craig
The photographer is Foley at 476 Washington St.  Corner of Avon, Boston
Flora Blood Class of 89 Craig back
Flora B. Blood  Class of ‘89
She looks young..about 18.  The bodice of her dress has many buttons and a beautiful trim.  The fine brooch above her top button looks like a B to me.
Flora Blood Class of 89 Craig
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  1. Flora Blood, born in 1865, was the daughter of George F. and Mary I. Blood nee Babatt. In the the 1880 US census she is listed as 15 years old and in school which fits perfectly. :)

    Her father is listed as Mason.

    Flora married and divorced a Mr. Dalton/Dolton by 1900. That union produced Harold Babbitt Dalton (b. Sept 1890 d. Jan 1964). Harold was employed by the Railway Mail Service, East Boston Airport and married to Helen L. Dalton.

    By 1910, Flora had remarried and her spouse was Robert D. Baxter (b. 1869).

    What became on any of these folks, I was unable to determine.

  2. Nice close-up. That is quite the brooch. I'm with you, voting for a "B."


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