Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Full Circle 59

This photo found its way home recently!

Centerburg Olio Grandpa Frankenberry 1909 89 years old DL Antiques

Photo Number 956

James sent me an email.

James wrote:

James was my 3rd great grandfather, the couple might be John White and Lucy White Frankenberry. The young man on the fence post with dog might be Earl White my Great Granfather. James was born in 1818 and died 1910 at the age of 92. His first wife was Anna Wolfe who died in 1884, he married a second time a Lottie Reed who died in 1906.

 And  a little more info!

James Frankenberry was born in Monongalia Virginia now West Virginia in 1818. He came to Ohio in the 1850's with his wife and nine children. He was a farmer and died 12 Jun 1910 in Liberty Twp Ohio. He is buried in Bennington Chapel cemetery Ohio. When he died he was living with his daughter Lucy White Frankenberry and John White his son in law. He married Anna Wolfe in 1839, she died 1884. He married a Lottie Reed in 1886, she died 1906. His children were Emaline, William, George, Susannah, James, Thomas, Eliza, Hannah, and Lucy.

James also wrote “Thanks, yes I received the photo.”

I am always happy to send photos home.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)


  1. I always marvel at what someone like Mr. Frankenberry lived through - in his lifetime, he saw the invention of the telegraph, the telephone, the automobile, the airplane, electric lights, and even the ice maker.

    I'm glad this photo found its way home. :)

  2. It's amazing how you find these wonderful old photos ! They tell such a history ! I to am glad this photo found it's way home !

  3. It is a wonderful photo of all of the family.

  4. I remember this photo and I'm so glad it found its way home.

    Connie, you would enjoy seeing these two old photos on my friend's blog this a.m.

  5. Oh! I love when your photos find their way home!

  6. Oh, wow, two Full Circles in a row! These are wonderful stories!


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