Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photo Number 991

This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Brainerd Minnesota. Violet and Mearl Postcard Brainerd antiques

Meet Violet and Mearl

Violet and Mearl Postcard Brainerd antiques back

Dear Cosin,

These pictures were taken last summer on our back steps. Girlie has a spot on her eye but it is only a scratch on the picture but it is the only one I have left to spare.   Mearl was 3 yr. and 8 mo. Violet 2 yr. they are a lot bigger now.   Minnies and her family are living at Gracton near their claim.

The folks were all well last we heard we have not been home since xmas.  We always went home about every three weeks but the roads are so bad we are about eighteen miles from home and mostly across unsettled land.  Hope this finds you all well as it leaves us. Your Cousin  Esther

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  1. Mearl is an unusual name. Could the writer be Ella or Ellen?

    1. hi grandmavickiann! It could be, I made Esther out of it..another option I had was Eeffie...it is hard to make out exactly what it is. Thanks for reading:)

    2. She appers to be an atrocious speller. Note, it says Floks (not folks) - I think she means Merle or Merrill - she spells cousin properly at the bottom, perhaps she means Corine or Cosene or ??? at the top. Who knows. :)

      I see Eeffie too.

  2. I assume Esther meant "Graceton, Lake of the Woods, Minnesota" - or Township 161 - Range 33 or nearby.

    I'm afraid this one is going to take some Abra magic. :)

  3. That note says so much about the times and the history of things going on in life.


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