Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo Number 990

This week we will look at some cute kids.  This is a Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Erhard Minnesota.

Postcard  Azo Triangles up Cute Kids ML Antiques Erhard

The postcard is from  1904 to 1918.  Their mother must have spent a lot of time making all those ringlets in their hair.  We have two styles of high button shoes in this photo.  The little girl on the left is most likely wearing a pair of leather high button shoes.  The little boy is wearing more of a Victorian style high button that is two tone black and white.

For the record..I think that is a little boy on the right and I bet he was “real easy on the eyes”as an adult.

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  1. That dude on the right has a "Mel Gibson" of Braveheart look...


  2. Cute kids! I love the curls on the boy on the right.

  3. Too bad we don't know who they are so we can find an adult image. How will you celebrate 1000 photos?

  4. I'm guessing the boy on the right couldn't wait to get into a pair of long pants and get his curls cut off. The ribbing that poor kid had to put up with must have been merciless if he went outside his familial group. I know my father still looks back with a cringe at the little outfits he had to wear. His parents from Scotland were doing things old school and my dad was living on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in a lumber town where old school were overalls.

  5. Great photo. I really like the hair style.

  6. Beautiful kids - I especially love the little one's boots :-)


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