Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo Number 979

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Francis cottage on the Delaware River DL Antiques

Francis cottage on the Delaware River DL Antiques back

Francis Cottage on  Delaware River

I wonder which one is Francis?

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I featured a similar photo from the Delaware River in Photo 605.

Iggy wrote:

The table has some real legs (too!) The "patio" looks pretty permanent - and there are sections of the river where folks can cross River Road (what else would they call it?) from their homes and sit on the short bluff on the river - and still be on their own property, such as in Yardley, PA. The Delaware Canal runs on the PA side of the river and the Delaware and Raritan (D&R) Canal runs on the New Jersey side and they both still have water in them.
I am 99% sure this photo shows the PA side - the large culvert half hidden on the far right (and far side of the river) carries a creek under the D&R canal - placing this shot around Washington Crossing and Yardley, PA - a short distance upstream from Trenton, NJ.


  1. Interesting photo and info from Iggy.

  2. There is no doubt these two photos were taken of the same folks at the same place a few minutes apart!

    I did a quick look at the census records and lo and behold, there is a very large Francis family living in Yardley, Bucks, Pennsylvania in the 1940s.

    George, Minnie, Wesley, Norman, Margaret and Dorothy - and more - ages from about 5 to 70...

    I'll have to check more later - I'm late for work!

  3. That does look like a wooden country table with the legs that are showing. I am sure they carried it outside or it was one that they used for outside picnics. Interesting group of people on the Delaware.

  4. Maybe it's just me, but a few of the people in the picture look like they are in their underwear.

    1. Perhaps their swim attire is of a very casual nature:)

  5. I sent a link to the two photos to a friend of mine - who was on the Yardley Borough Counsel - and she in turn sent it to a couple Yardley history buffs.

    So far, there isn't anything conclusive - but the thinking is that the standing man with the hairy chest might be Wesley "Bing" Francis (b. April 30, 1917 d. May 01, 1993 - WWII vet). Wesley's mother, Minnie (b. 1889 d. 1970) and his wife, Eleanor (b. January 15, 1915 d. 1990) might be in the photograph. Wesley's step-grandmother Anna (1879 – 1956) might be in the photo along with his male cousins (Willard died in 1948 so he's not likely, likewise Wesley's father, George Washington Francis Jr. died in 1944.)

    I hope to hear from the Yardley historians soon. The author of this book: is also checking. The page shown in the link show Wesley in uniform in 1942.


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