Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Photo Number 977

Continuing with the summer theme.  This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Summer gathering DL Antiques

My goodness everyone is all dressed up..with hats and some ladies even have gloves.  I wonder what the occasion was?  A Wedding? A Birthday Party?  Looks like the 1930’s to me..the hems of the dresses below the knee and the hats.

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  1. What a wide variety of dresses. I'm guessing it was a wedding. The older woman in the chair looks exhausted and/or very hot.

  2. Because one lady has a long dress, I want to quess it's a wedding too.

  3. I like the guy in the dark blazer and white pants --- cool guy.

  4. Looks like the little boy is well-behaved (at least for the moment!)

  5. I'm guessing a wedding, too. Too bad there were no hints supplied on this one. It would have been a good source for someone's family research, if these were relatives at a family occasion.

  6. Yes, this was a formal occasion, like a wedding, about 1934 or 1935. My mother then operated a women's dress shop.


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