Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Number 958

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Brainerd Minnesota. 

Hilma Rook my aunt Brainerd Antiques

Hilma Rook my aunt Brainerd Antiques back

Hilma Roak?? Rook? Raok?? My Aunt Franklin Location Mich.

There is a Franklin Center Michigan that is now known as Franklin.  There are also several Franklin Townships in Michigan.  I struck out looking for a Franklin Location.

I would think that Aunt Hilma is the lady in the doorway.

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  1. I suppose the label refers to the woman in the doorway - as the rider of the horse appears to be a young man. A confusing labeling to be sure!

    The only (very tenuous) person I could find is Hilma Hook/Rook, married to a Clark Theodore Hook/Rook (b. 7 Dec 1888). They are living in Chicago,IL (1910-1920) and later move to Saint Paul, MN. Clark's mother was from Michigan, so perhaps this photo was taken at the Franklin location (meaning the mother's relatives).

  2. Another interesting photo. I love your blog, Connie. You find the most unique pictures to share.

  3. I have been catching up and love them all. I had a crazy cousin who buried the family pictures with her mother.


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