Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo Number 973

This is a photo from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Schoolroom DL Antiques
It would appear that these women are in a school room.  The style of the dresses suggests a 1880’s time frame.
I would like to know what the banner says…  Something something Fail…Never say fail??  That might be it.
Schoolroom DL Antiques back
1. Sarah Beaulieu
2.Grace Beaulieu
3. Hattie Lindsey
I am not convinced that this is a 1880’s may be from around 1900 and taken as a promotional photograph.  I guess the girls birthdates will tell the story…I will guess that they are 20 years old in this photo.
Schoolroom DL Antiques
I wonder what the round thing on the left is. Numbers going clockwise…
I think I have had a Beaulieu photo before..maybe.
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  1. So very interesting. Don't you love the clothes, hats?

  2. Photo 793 ( featured Alexander and Helen Kappell Beaulieu taken in Fossen, MN.

  3. Hattie Lindsey (b. abt 1875) is shown on the Indian Rolls as a member of the Removal Mille Lac Mississippi Chippewa (Chippewa) tribe, Agency: White Earth, Minnesota. The other two are listed in the Indian Rolls (but the rolls do not show relationship).

    Grace J Beaulieu (b. abt 1885) of the tribe White Earth Miss (White) on the Reservation: White Earth Chippewa. Agency: Con Chipp (whatever that means).

    Sarah Beaulieu (b. abt 1879) of the tribe Red Lake Chippewas (Native American), Agency: White Earth, MN.

    I assume this photo is from White Earth, MN.

    1. Hi Iggy, I take it from what you found that Grace was white, living on the White Earth Mission..and she was Considered Chippewa. Her parents may have been teachers. Teachers lived on the Mission. Grace and Sarah were not sisters unless they had different Mothers.
      Thanks for your good memory on the previous Beaulieu photo:)

  4. I think you're right about "Never Say Fail". Great picture - there's so much detail when you enlarge it. I'm wondering about the round thing too :-) Jo

  5. I was thinking the dial with the numbers kept track of something (like a Goal) but it is odd is numbered 40 to 60...

    The Indian rolls are difficult to research. Hattie Lindsey appears to never married. There are a number of Beaulieu's and several Grace's. I found a sister-pair:

    Sarah G Beaulieu (1883 – ) and Grace Marion Hudon Beaulieu (May 1885 – 1 April 1982 in Pipestone, MN) were the daughters of John Hudon Beaulieu (16 Sept 1842 in Lacs de Sables, WI d. Jan 1897 in Beaulieu, Mahnomen, Minnesota) and Ellen J Detour (b Jan 1850 in Minnesota d. 12 Mar 1926 in Minnesota) which may or may not be "them".

  6. Absolutely love the look of those clothes (especially the one on the right) but would absolutely HATE having to wear all that!

  7. Mailed to Joan in CT in October of 2018


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