Monday, August 6, 2012

Full Circle 56

Remember this photo?

Postcard Agnes Sigrid and Simon Fagstad DL Antiques

Photo Number 932

Postcard Agnes Sigrid and Simon Fagstad DL Antiques back

Rex  is related to these folks.  I made the decision to mail him the photo because he would appreciate it the most.

Here is our conversation.

I came across your website by chance and was amazed to see the photograph of Simon, Agnes and Sigrid Fagstad. The Fagstad's were my grandfather's cousins. I have photos of these three at an older age.
Their parents Ole and Martha took in my grandfather in after his mother Lena died at age 29. My grandfather was around 18 months old. He had an older brother and sister and they went to live with other family members. My grandfather's father disappeared from family history about this time and there are no accurate accounts as to why or what happened. I have researched his disappearance and believe him to be buried in an unmarked grave in the Stanley, ND cemetery. Ole, Martha and several of their children/spouse are buried in the Elk Valley Cemetery as well as my great-grandmother Lena.
I have photos of the house where your photograph was most likely taken. The house is no longer standing but the farm where it was located is near the Elk Valley Lutheran Church in McCanna, ND near Bachelor's Grove. The farm is still operational and is owned by family members, specifically Simon's daughters.
Thank you for posting the image. Should you ever care to sell the original please keep me in mind. My late mother had a large collection of antique family photos (1000+) and I have been cataloging them. Rex

I wrote back:

Hi Rex, Is there anyway you can contact Simon's daughters? I like to return photos to the closest family members. If they want the photo I will return it to them..if not I will mail it to you. keep me informed!
It sounds like you have a large collection of family photos..good for you..I hope you are marking them all!
Question: In that photo there are two framed photographs on the you recognize them? :) Connie

Hello Connie,
I will contact the daughter I know best. I can tell you though that she is not sentimental about old photos. About three years ago she told me that she and her sisters threw out most of the pictures when Simon's wife died. I asked her to please send me any photos of persons they do not know as I may be able to identify them as my mother typically marked her photos with names.
As to the framed photos one I do not recognize, but the photo on the left looks like my great grandmother Lena Fagstad. I have a smaller version of a photograph that shows the full figure of the woman. On the back of the photo is written "16x20 bust only for Ole Fagstad". Also, I have a letter from my grandfather's sister in law and she comments that the Fagstad's have a large photo of Lena.
I am glad you are preserving these old images and posting them for viewing. As I have time I will look at the others and see if they might be of family. Whenever I see old photos at flea markets and antique stores I always stop and look. although all of my mothers relatives were from Minnesota and North Dakota.

Hi Rex, I think I will just mail the photo to you..I do not want the photos that I save from oblivion to go to anyone that does not appreciate them.

I guess it takes all kind of people to make the world go round. I have contacted some people about their relatives old photos and they do not want them. I do not understand that..but it happens.

At least if I mail it to you I know you will appreciate it!

I usually write a full circle blog post after a photo is received. Can you tell me anything more about the children?

If you could share your older photo by readers would enjoy that.

Yes please check through the photos on the blog as you have may find other relatives there! I will mail the photo to your Texas address. I am off to work now but I should have time tonight to get it ready to mail. Connie

Thanks so much! I have two cousins who live in Los Angeles and they are excited about the find too. We three are more like sisters and brother and take vacations to investigate our ancestry.
I am positive that the photograph on the wall is my great grandmother. That photo was taken before 1896 and most probably around 1892-1894.
Simon was born December 23, 1896. He married Lillian Victoria Jenson on October 20, 1928 in Grand Forks. They had four daughters. After his father's retirement and death Simon Fagstad operated the family farm in North Dakota until moving to Larimore in 1956. He died September 29, 1991. He and Lillian are both buried in the Elk Valley Lutheran Church Cemetery in McCanna, ND.
Agnes was born June 26, 1892. She and my grand father's sister in-law were great friends. Agnes was married to Charles McDuffie. James Madison University offers a music scholarship named in her honor. She died January 25, 1978 and is buried in the Bensalem Presbyterian Church in Eagle Springs, North Carolina.
Sigrid was born February 3, 1894. She married George Bang and they had a son George Jr. Sigrid passed away on August 31, 1991. She and her husband are also buried in the Elk Valley Lutheran Church Cemetery.

I've attached a photo of the Fagstad family.
Back row: Sigrid - Dagney - Simon - Agnes
Middle row: Martha - Ole Paddie - Marie - Bertha - Ole
In Front: Magda

Also, just as a side note the Fagstad's had another daughter also named Bertha who died of diphtheria in July of 1895. My great grandmother died a short time after this and my grandfather who was about a year old was taken in by Ole.

I also have a exterior photo of the house that the image you found was taken in but I have not scanned it to digital format yet.


Here is the photo Rex shared.


Back row: Sigrid - Dagney - Simon - Agnes
Middle row: Martha - Ole Paddie - Marie - Bertha - Ole
In Front: Magda

Here is the other you can comparePostcard Agnes Sigrid and Simon Fagstad DL Antiques

Agnes - Simon – Sigrid

Thanks for stopping by.  Do come again:)


  1. Fascinating full circle! I really enjoyed this!

  2. I loved this story I do not understand either why people do not want photos. If you ever find any of my family I would want them.

  3. Fantastic. What's up with that cousin?! Tossing out photos! Goodness.

  4. Tossing old photos happens more than people realize. Connie, bless you for rescuing these photos and returning them to appreciative family members.

  5. This is the first time I comment even though I have been visiting this website for a while already :) I love to read full circles, I especially like this one because I can see photos of the persons in the original forgotten photo, I love to compare how these people looked when they were kids and then when they were teenagers.

  6. What a great full circle. This site is better than a soap opera. I'm always anxious for the next instalment. Thank you.

  7. Another success, Connie! I really enjoyed this post :-)

  8. Yay!!! :)

    I love that look Simon has with that hat!

  9. I always get "goose bumps" when you make a "full circle." Thanks.

  10. My first full circle and my first comment. i love what you're doing here and I'm inspired to my family's old photos are maintained.

  11. Wonderful full circle with a great story. So glad Rex stumbled upon this site. ~Abra

  12. I received this email from Marian:
    Thanks so much for your response. I read the blogs but I dont blog and tried to send but it would not go through. I was dismayed that it was thought that we dont care about old photos. In fact I have had duplicated an old 50th celebration on a farm that is 3 miles from the Fagstad farm. Among others I have copied. The picture of my Dad and two aunts is one like I have . Thank goodness. If you get to the Cities try and go to the Norway House. Very simple compared to the Swedish Institute. On the wall is a very short story of all of my Norwegian grandparents. Speaking of Rexes relatives, my Dad never told us of the relationship. He did say that George Hanson was a second cousin but not the details. I know a few thiangs about him that Rex may be interested in but I have never talked to him. In fact I imagine that George may be on the anniversary picture . It was taken in 1938 . Thanks so much for your kind response. You do a valuable task. Best wishes, Marian


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