Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photo Number 964

This is a photo from The Tin Ceiling in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Windmill Tin Ceiling

I didn’t realize that someone was in top of the windmill until I scanned the photo.  I asked my Dad about it.  He said it was one of his brothers jobs to crawl up there once a month to grease the mechanism.

I believe the decorative photo border was popular in the 1930’s.

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  1. John has ALWAYS wanted one of these!!! I did not see the person either until you mentioned it!

  2. Now there is a job title that might actually be on the come back. Windmill Greaser.

  3. What I love about this blog: I always learn something new when I stop by here!

    Iggy, if there ever was a job market for Windmill Greaser this year, I'd say it wouldn't be far from here. Our valley is so agricultural, we even have wind farms ;)

  4. The expanding wind turbine industry is making the maintenance of those giant “windmills” a growing necessity. Though a little more technical, the job of “windmill greaser” probably pays big bucks! The towers around here are 300 feet high!

  5. Very cool. I wonder how lucrative that industry was back then...


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