Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo Number 549

A long time ago Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day.  I still like to think of it as the day that the graves of soldiers are decorated.
I have know idea who this Soldier is.  He served in the First World War, or the Great War.  This is a Real Photo Postcard with no markings. 
World War One Soldier Postcard with no markings 
Did he come back?  Did he live a long and happy life?  Did he have family?  The only thing we know for sure is that he fought for our freedom.
Thank you to the many soldiers in the past and in the present:)
Update from Al:
This soldier has the National Army emblem on his collar.  The National Army was the combined forces of old core of the regular United States Army the Army National Guard and all the draftees.  This group was formed in 1917 to fight in WWI. 


  1. A great photo for today - my deepest gratitude to all who have served and continue to do so.
    Hope you and the family have a nice day. Mildred

  2. Great picture! I collect old photographs and Real postcards of soldiers from WWI and WWII. Thank you for sharing this one! Happy Decoration Day. :)

  3. Thank you for honoring a soldier on Memorial might enjoy the links and old quotes I posted yesterday with pictures of flowers...garlands...

  4. Great way to creatively honor our soldiers on Memorial Day. :) You know what I think? I think he came back, and spent the rest of his life focused on his family, growing old with his wife in the country-side..or, at least, that's what I would want for him. God bless our soldiers.

  5. I wish I could say this was my great uncle Hosie Green, who's Dog tags I have from World War I.
    Have never seen a picture of him.
    The Smith's Bennie and Patsy

  6. I almost think it could have been the first world war with the shirt he is wearing.

  7. I will believe that this soldier came home and had a wonderfully fulfilling life and was able to watch his grandchildren grow. What beautiful blue eyes he has. This image is certainly a candidate for PhotoShop play. Just a touch of blue.

  8. I hope he came back hale and hardy and whole.

    He appears a bit older than some - maybe he was an officer.



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