Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photo Number 547

This is a photo from the Second Antique Shop in Dorset, Minnesota.

Agnes from Minot 1955 Dorset Antiques

This is Agnes, she was in the Class of 1955.  The Photographer was Elite Studio in Minot, No Dak ( North Dakota)

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I wore my hair very similar to this in the 1950’s.  My Mom would set my hair on those pink spongy rollers all day long..or sometimes overnight:)


  1. Sweater girls of the '50s wearing pageboys. A classic.

  2. I'm originally from Minot (and also had my Senior picture taken by Elite Studios!) Had my older brother check his MHS yearbook for an Agnes and he didn't find anything so she must have gone to either the catholic high school or Model, a small high school.

  3. She could have been a Cheerleader. :)



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