Saturday, May 7, 2011

Photo Number 526

This is a photo from the Antique Shop in Dorset , the one I call Dorset Two because there are three shops in that little town.
Nurse Ethyl Dorset Antiques To Aunt Minnie  Lovingly Ethyl
The Photographer is Root Studio 185 North Wabash Chicago.  The high winged collar and the cap sitting way back on her head suggests the mid 1930’s to early 1940’s to me.

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  1. I found a mention that Root Studio at the address you state saying the Studio was the "Official Photographer" for the Thornton Township High School - Class of 1943, so your date works well. It seems that the studio was formed by W. J. Root who began his business, by taking souvenir photographs at the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. He is mentioned in various photographic journals from 1892 until 1897.

    Root Studio was still taking yearbook pictures as late as 1963 - but apparently from a different address (226 S. Wabash Avenue Chicago).

  2. I wish they still did the white dress and cap. Now when they come in your room it could be an aid or the cook.

  3. I'm with Patsy. Nurses today look like they are wearing their PJs.

  4. I love how the photo is framed - very elegant, makes it all the more special.


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