Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photo Number 550

This photo is from the second Antique Shop in Dorset, Minnesota. I wonder if it was a wedding photo?  I am not sure.  I also wonder about the bouquet of flowers that are tucked into her blouse. It must have been fashionable in 1914 to wear a bouquet in such a way.

Photo Clara city Dorset Antiques The photo was in a lovely folder.

Photo Clara city in folder Dorset

Photo Clara city in folder Dorset

Wm. Donner was the photographer and he was only active as a photographer in Clara City one year and that was 1914.

Tomorrow we will begin a month of wedding photos.

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  1. Another total mystery - She has a rather "Mona Lisa" enigmatic look.


  2. I'm thinking a graduation photo. That is a huge bouquet of flowers to be tucked or pinned like that.

    She does look like she has a secret doesn't she?

  3. The look of contentment, revealed in a relaxed smile. Isn't it so?


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