Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photo Number 529

These are a couple of photos that were in my original “big box” of photos.
Nurses Hats One One gal has a cap..the others do not.
Nurses Hats two
This is the same gal, by herself in a different setting..perhaps someone will recognize her or the background in the photo. I think that these snapshots are most likely from the late 1920’s.

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  1. just wanted to let u know i love your blog!!!!!!! it's so quirky and different - i never would have thought of the idea!

  2. The round glasses with dark frames, and the thick stockings scream 1920s to me.

  3. My Gram had those same type glasses in her college graduation photo - in the 20s!

  4. Are they working in a hospital? or a laundry? or a bakery?

  5. I would agree, definitely 1920s. Fab photos, sorry I'm not around much at the moment. x

  6. Daft Scots Lass and Brett Payne.. I believe that they are Nurses. The one with the cap is most likely a year ahead of the rest in her nursing classes:)


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