Monday, May 16, 2011

Photo Number 535

These are more photos from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

This is Bill in Boston.

Bill DL Antiques

Bill Back DL AntiquesBill and his Church June 09, 1940  Hyde Park, Boston 

I wonder if he was a member there or a Pastor?

Bill atBoston Gardens 1940 June DL Antiques

This is Bill at the Boston Gardens.

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  1. Hyde Park, was incorporated April 26, 1868, was a separate town in Norfolk County until 1912 when it was annexed by the city of Boston and became part of Suffolk County.

    I did a brief look at what sort of churches are in Hyde Park - and by using Google "Street View" I could find none that look like this one (wood shingle) but I will continue looking.

  2. Bill certainly looks a happy fellow. Charming smile.


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