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This is a Real Photo Postcard from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Wald postcard

Marion Virginia Wald DL Antiques back
Marion Virginia Wald 5 weeks old.  This is an Azo Postcard that was used from 1904 to 1918.
This may be a possibility: In the 1920 Census I found a Virginia Wald 1 and 6/12 who was born in New York  living with Marie Wald 24 married who was born in Minnesota. They were living on Wisconsin Street in Chicago (City) ILL. No occupation is listed for the Mother, they are both listed as roomers. There is a Jack Wald, 28  listed further up in the census that is from New York who is married and an Actor in Moving Pictures. The three are not listed consecutively in the census, but the child Virginia is listed as having a Father from New York and a Mother from Minnesota.

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Update from Iggy:
Jack Wald of New York Co., New York married Mary Olsen of Pipestone Co., Minnesota on 25-Jul-1917 in Pipestone, Minnesota. Mary was born 31-Jan-1895. On 1930, Jack doesn't appear with mother (35 years old) and daughter (11 years old and who was apparently born in NY) who are still living in Chicago, Illinois.

Another Marion Wald has been found..either of these could be the baby in the photo.

United States Census, 1910 for Marion Wald
Birthplace: Illinois
Relationship to Head of Household: Daughter
Residence: Chicago Ward 25, Cook, Illinois
Marital Status: Single
Race : White
Gender: Female
Father's Birthplace: Norway
Mother's Birthplace: Indiana
Household Gender Age
Parent Olander Wald  M 41y
Parent Mary Wald  F 24y
Marion Wald  F 0y 3m

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  1. Such a beautiful face.

  2. Love looking at old pics and what a face...sooo sweet looking.

  3. gorgeous baby, surreal to think this baby is grown and possibley not on the earth any longer :(

  4. Jack Wald of New York Co., New York married Mary Olsen of Pipestone Co., Minnesota on 25-Jul-1917 in Pipestone, Minnesota. Mary was born 31-Jan-1895. On 1930, Jack doesn't appear with mother (35 years old) and daughter (11 years old and who was apparently born in NY) who are still living in Chicago, Illinois.

    Perhaps Jack went to Hollywood.

  5. There is a Jack Waldron 1893-1969 who made a movie in 1928 and appeared on Broadway in many shows from 1924 to 1955. Perhaps this is him with a slight name alteration. This practice was not uncommon during the era. Who knows?

  6. I sent you an email Farside... I found two living decendents.

  7. I believe it could be your second choice, as I find a 1930 census for Olander and Mary Wald in Los Angeles. Oldest Child is Marion V. Wald, age 20.

    Household Members: Name Age
    Olander Wald 61
    Mary C Wald 44
    Marion V Wald 20
    Eugene Wald 17
    Edgar A Wald 15
    Norma F Wald 6

    However, I also found a some family trees that have Marion Wald born in Dec 1899 in North Dakota. They don't give middle name, though. Also, though the birth month and year are the same, they are several trees, but giving different parents, so not sure if it is a mistake, or just two babies with the same name & birth month in ND.

  8. Abra - I found this tree: (search for Marion Virginia Wald)

    I think the one you found living in LA in 1930 is the right one.

  9. Ah, once again a familiar name to me, but not my part of the family. My husband's family are Walds from Wisconsin. I can't find any connection to this beautiful baby though.

  10. Looking at her face, makes me wonder: Just how early in life are we conscious of the camera? Regardless, we do understand attention even as young as 5 weeks. Beautiful, natural! Thanks for a beautiful blog.

  11. Cute baby - possibly a christening photo? Doesn't she look pretty big for a 5 week old? (I'm no baby expert as I don't have kids)

  12. I heard very recently that many of the early moving pictures were filmed in Chicago, including lots of Charlie Chaplin.

    I wonder if her mother is under that throw holding her. As imagespast said, if she is 5 weeks old in the photo...she isn't all that big, but at 5 weeks, babies aren't really able to sit and sometimes their necks are still floppy. I think her dress makes her look bigger than she probably was though.

  13. I found that Marion's parents lived and married in Illinois; sometime after 1910 they moved to Canada, where they are in 1916; in 1917, Marion's father, Orlander, a physician, declared his intention to become a U.S. citizen while living in Los Angeles in 1917. He must have moved about a bit, because his 1927 request for naturalization states he applied in 1899 in Washington but then became naturalized in Canada, and that in 1925 he lived in Texas. We also know he lived in Los Angeles in 1920. So what I gather, he came from Norway, intended to become a citizen in Washington in 1899, probably moved to Illinois where he met & married Mary (who was born in Indiana), went on to have Marion in Illinois, then moved to Canada by 1913, where the two boys were born. he then became naturalized there, before moving to California by 1917 to declare intent. Youngest daughter Norma was born in Oregon (1924), then he was in Texas in 1925, then back in California by 1927. He was finally granted citizenship in 1931, and died in 1933. I found a small obituary, but it only listed first names of children and didn't give siblings. I think his time in Canada is confirming for me there might be some relationship between this picture & Thursday's picture.

  14. Here is a little more on Marion's father before he was married. he was apparently quite successful This history should give me some clues as to find out more about his family and if connected to Thursday's picture.

    From History of the Swedes of Illinois, published in 1908.

    Olander E. Wald, physician and surgeon was born of Swedish parents in Bagn, Norway, September 7, 1868. His father was a timber dealer in Ostersund, doing business on both sides of the boundary between Sweden and Norway. He came to the United States when the son was four years of age, settling at Grand Forks, N.D., whence the family removed to Willapa, Washington, in 1878.
    The son later returned to Grand Forks to study. The high school course completed, he entered the University of Minnesota, but interrupted his studies to become an agent for Northern Pacific lands in the state of Washington.
    In 1894, Mr. Wald entered the medical department of the University of Illinois and graduated with high honors in 1898. Dr. Wald’s first appointment was that of field surgeon of the Scandinavian regiment organized in Minneapolis for service in the war with Spain, but which did not take the field, owing to the sudden termination of the eventful war.
    Subsequently, Dr. Wald did post-graduate work for two years at Johns Hopkins University under Dr. Osler. During the second year, he was in charge of the dispensary of the university. In June, 1901, he was appointed intern at Augustana hospital, serving until December, 1903. Soon after, he was made surgeon-in-chief of the Bethesda and Lincoln hospitals.
    In June, 1905, Dr. Wald and others, founded the Lakeview Hospital at 1728 Belmont Ave,, an institution headed by him in the capacity of chief surgeon. In 1906, Dr. Wald was appointed professor of surgery at the Jenner Medical College.
    He is a member of the Chicago Medical Society, the Illinois State Medical Society and the Scandinavian Medical Society of Chicago; also a member and examining physician of the Thor and Vega societies and various lodges of the Independent Orders of the Svithiod, Vikings and Maccabees, of the Knights of Pythias, Knights of the Golden Eagle and the Royal Arcanum. Dr. Wald is affiliated with the Lutheran Church.

  15. Connie: If you get in contact with this family, and they don't have much information on Olander, I did find a great deal--naturalization documents, Swedes of Illinois (which can just be searched on the web), etc. Perhaps when I find these items, I should save and send to you, and you could send with the pictures.

  16. HI...
    I WAS AMAZED TO SEE THIS PHOTO of my aunt Marion. who are you people??? Marion was the eldest of four children, as you determined. Her youngest sibling, Norma, lives in Tucson, arizona with one of HER 4 kids!!! marion had 3 kids, Helen Jean, Bob & John...let me know if you want more info. the second child. Eugene, was my father who died in 2005 at age name is Nora daughter and I live in the west los angeles area.

  17. the siblings of Olander Wald are having a family reunion in July in McIntosh, MN.

  18. so to add to the prior message about Marion Virginia Wald, she married Louis Migeot. As a young girl she acquired polio (apparently all the kids got it but recovered except Marion), so she often used braces, crutches or a wheelchair. She was an accomplished pianist and taught piano most of her adult life and loved it.

  19. I removed DrNora's email. I did email her! :)

  20. I erred! I did not know i was not supposed to provide my email address, my apologies. Plus I erred in saying Olander's siblings are meeting in July, i meant the descendents of his siblings!!! I just recently learned of them, and plan to attend the reunion. He, I believe was the youngest of 15 children. I'm sure they will be thrilled to learn of your discovery of this photo of his first child.

  21. DrNora, I just didn't want your entire email address out there for spammers. So I copied it down and removed it from the comments..everything is fine. I will have the postcard in the mail to you in the morning, I am sure everyone at the reunion will enjoy seeing it! :)

  22. I have photos of Jack Wald. They are Vaudeville poses. I believe Jack Wald was the paternal uncle of Jerry Wald.

    Jerry Wald was an associate of Jack Warner of Warner Brother's Studios.

    Jack and Jerry both were somewhat associated with Joan Crawford, so the fact that he is listed as living with a motion picture maker makes sense to me.

  23. This is my grandmother! I am the youngest daughter of her son Bob (Robert Louis Migeot). This has been such a great find and would move more info on this side of my family. This almost made me cry. The picture reminds me of my oldest sister as a baby. I am still in contact with my Aunt Norma,and have recently moved to Flagstaff AZ. I hope to meet up with my long lost family at some point in the near future. Louis Migeot (Marion's husband) did a full family tree on the Migeot side of the family, but I am certainly interested in learning more about the side of my Norwegian/Scandanavian background. PS. Marion was also diagnosed with breast cancer and participated in clinical trials in the 60's that extended her life expectancy by 11 years. Her medical history is written in many medical journals. Fascinating woman that I met only once as a young child!


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