Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photo Number 521

This is a photo from Solway, Minnesota.

Kathryn Gitzen SolowayThis young lady has very interesting trim on the front of her dress and on her collar.  There is no photographers name to help us search. But I do have a name and a date.

Kathryn Gitzen back Soloway

Katheryne G. Gitzen  1901

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  1. The trim really shows up. That's an interesting way to spell Katheryne.

  2. Gitzen is a German name. From what we have learned from this site - the Danish and northern German areas have whole towns that specialize in lace-making. I'm sure Katheryne will have German ancestry just as I'm sure the census records will mispell her first name.

    She will prove another tricky one to find...


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