Thursday, May 12, 2011

Photo Number 531

This is a very old CdV from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.  I think of it as one of those pioneer family photos…one where they just stepped off the wagon and went to have their photo taken.
Pioneer Couple  DL AntiquesCdV 
Pioneer couple CdV back
Sadly the photo is not marked.  However I found this info about the photographer and his work.  During 1868 to 1870 Cartes-de –visites are printed on the verso with the statement   “From W. L. Barnes Photograph and Gem Gallery Union Block, Winona.”

So this is probably one of the oldest photos I have. It is 141 to 143years old.

On the many of you have heard that term before? I had not.  The back of something is called the verso, the front of something the recto..I learn something new everyday!

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  1. The age and preservation of these is just incredible. Have you come across boxes of the fabled "preserved negatives" before? Could they still be used to make new prints of the old photographs?

  2. Interesting question from Marty.

    I love how the rug is rumbled in this picture.

    I wonder what Winona, Minnesota looked like in 1869? Looking at a map, the river there looks ragged and full of rapids and swamps.

  3. I have to say that is a really unattractive dress. Of course, it does show how the skirt fashion trended to have the bulk of fabric in the back of the body by the time the bustle became popular. The front is more narrow and it has that apron/flounce thing. The wrap is also interesting because women's wraps didn't usually match their dress, but this could be a traveling costume, having a wrap/bodice that would remove so the wearer could be more comfortable on a long train ride.

  4. I know I commented on this - did blogger dump your comments? I read that on another site. Bummer!


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