Friday, May 6, 2011

Photo Number 525

May 6th trough the 12th is National Nurses week.  I have been collecting old photos of Nurses.  My oldest daughter is a Registered Nurse.  Nurses are special people.
Nurses cap We will start with this photo, remember those two boxes of photos I bought long ago that started this blog.  This photo was in one of those boxes.
Nurses capThis is the signature of the photographer..your guess will be as good as mine who he was.  I have darkened the signature to see it better.

I think that this is a photo from around 1910, because of her high white collar and how her cap sits on her head.  Caps were used as a way to keep your hair in place and to present a professional appearance..and then there is the ceremonial purpose of the capping ceremony.  Now a days they have a pinning ceremony instead..not nearly as dramatic as the old capping ceremonies.

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  1. Nurses have difficult jobs - and some of them are truly angels. I wonder how much all this newfangled medical technology bewilders some of the ones that just want to be compassionate and helpful?

  2. It has been rather cleverly framed - the large white area serving to concentrate attention on that face.

  3. I see Fl in the beginning and ry at the end. Flannery? There appear to be 10 distinct letters, possibly 9 or 11. Otherwise I'm stumped.

  4. I take that back, could this be Flemborg or Flamborg?


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