Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Number 546

This is a graduation photo from the Antique Shop in Park Rapids, Minnesota.
PR Antiques Fran  1950 from Norman Campbell Hibbing This is Fran, she graduated in 1950.  The photographer was Norman Campbell of Hibbing, Minnesota.  A sweater and a single strand of pearls, we are moving forward in fashion!

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Update October 03, 2011

From Anonymous:
 The girl in the photo is Frances Agnes Dreis. Her sister Elizabeth Marie Betty Dreis is Photo Number 253. 


  1. When back and enjoyed all of the pictures and comments. The only way I can comment is pick anonymous. Blogger said they know about the problem.

  2. A 1950s sweater girl. I'm guessing she had a sweater set. I even remember having one when I was just a little girl in the '50s. Wore it with my little Poodle Skirt.

  3. She has a nice smile - lots of lipstick to smooch onto her fellah.


  4. I left a comment on this photo earlier but don't see it . The girl in the photo is Frances Agnes Dreis. I am also from Hibbing.

  5. Anonymous, If you could contact me by email I will send a copy of the blog to their relatives. Thanks:)

  6. Rebecca sent me an address for Frances, I will mail off a copy of this blog to Frances in Minneapolis tomorrow..Oct 10, 2011


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