Thursday, July 1, 2010

Photo Number 239

This might be a photo from the 1920's.  The car might be a Packard or an Overland.  I believe this might be a family.  Father, Mother and three children that came to visit from the big city in their new car.
The women..all together for a photo.  That trim on what I see as a red dress is really something. This is the last of the Laporte photos for now.
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  1. I have been catching up on full circle number six about Alice and went to her niece's blog.
    What interesting people your old photo's reveal.
    I enjoy your blog very much.

  2. Interesting pictures. I would have guessed the "older" two (leftmost) in the top picture were being visited by the three on the right. But knows? :)

    I got found a picture postcard today at a thrift store - its of a young man/older boy and the back was never written on. I'd like to send it to you either snail mail, or scanned in and emailed - I think you would enjoy it - there seems to be no way to ID this chap though.

  3. Intense Guy, If you like you can email it to me and I will feature it here. I have done that before with photos that people have emailed me. My email is on the left on my profile page! Thanks! :) Connie

  4. I keep waiting to see if you pull up some of my relatives. These are fun to see.


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