Monday, July 5, 2010

Full Circle Number Seven

Far Guy and I met with some very nice ladies on Friday afternoon..relatives of people whose photos I have featured here.  They recognized the following photos.
             Photo Number 51                                 Photo Number 37

I called this first  photo Grace...because that was the name written on the back.  It is not is her sister Esther or Bertha. Both of these photos are probably Esther..but they could be Bertha.

This is Esther and Walt Davison 

This is Lucille Davison, she is Bertha and Floyds Daughter. Bertha and Floyd moved to Wisconsin. 

This is CJ Vogue and Mathilda an Uncle and Aunt. 
The ladies took these photos and a few others that I had not yet scanned..they were relatives..and another old photo of Bob and Joyce.  The ladies are cousins of Bob and Joyce which is Full Circle Four
They have no idea who these photos belonged to originally, Marlys did say that it is her Mothers handwriting on several of them, but she has no idea how they ended up in the Antique Shop for sale.  We can only speculate that these photos were tucked away in some box or other container and they were not meant to end up in the Antique Shop. 

They were very happy to get the photos, and I was very happy to lighten my load of Forgotten Old Photos.

Far Guy and I found it curious that their relatives were up here and then took off for Wisconsin and Nebraska, when all of our relatives ended up in this area because farmland was affordable. Their old place is about 50 miles from here, and Marlys the recipient of these photos is Graces daughter and she lives in Park Rapids, Minnesota which is our nearest "town". 
Thanks for stopping by, do come again.  Follow the links to find out more about each photo:) 


  1. It must really be a special treat when you reunite a photo with its "proper" owner!


  2. I love these posts so much, the ones where you get to reunite the photos. Fantastic!

  3. A remarkable story for sure! Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  4. I am so happy that more photos have made the full circle!

  5. It is a cool story. You needed an assistant to hurry and scan those others before they left. It had to be fun to meet the people who were related to the pictures.

  6. Your success in coming "full circle" is amazing. As far as reuniting old images to their genetic roots is concerned - none can match you

  7. photo no. 52. Oh my I have a couple of old photos that look just like those two!

  8. CJ and Tillie were the aunt and uncle of Esther Voge, Bertha Voge and Grace Voge, and the Great aunt and uncle of Lucille Davison.

  9. The reason members of the family ended up in Nebraska and Wisconsin is extremely simple. Esther, Grace and Bertha's mother (maiden name Meyerhenry) had relatives in Nebraska. Several of the girls ended up down there, i believe in order to help Meyerhenry relatives. The ones which located to Wisconsin did so for similar reasons. Esther and Bertha were married to Davison brothers Walt and Floyd. There was Davison family located in Western Wisconsin on the St. Croix River, and also just across the border into Minnesota.


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