Friday, July 2, 2010

Photo Number 240

Five little girls, I wonder if they are sisters, or cousins or friends?  Note the horse and buggy in the background.  This was probably taken in the late 1910's or the 1920's.

Today I am finally meeting with the daughter of  Grace who I featured in photo number seems like so long ago..I hope she can identify and rescue a few more of these Old Forgotten Photos. We will see.

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  1. The two girls 2nd and 3d from left appear to be waering the same outfits (would this make them likely to be sisters?)

    I wonder about the awkward cropping and slight drooping angle on this shot... not a professional?

  2. Now that would make a lovely antique postcard wouldn't it?


  3. That's such a sweet photo. Best wishes at your meeting today.

  4. I remember my mom talking about those dresses -- she wasn't born until 1914....

  5. It is a neat photo. I see the littlest one probably demanded to have one of the umbrellas.


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