Saturday, July 24, 2010

Photo Number 261

Another photo of Anna Dreis..and a relative? or a friend?  There are no names on this photo, so we know nothing for certain.  The photo could have been going to Anna Dries instead of  Anna just never know with these old photos.  I think it is cute that in yesterdays photo she has a locket or a small watch..and today the other gal is wearing it.  The other gal has better taste in sleeves too.
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Update: This photo went Full Circle 51 on April 09, 2012
From Kathleen: I believe this is Anna and her sister Mary Ida Bauer...they were just 2 years apart in age.


  1. The other lady could be her mother. They look rather "related". If so, her mother is probably thinking the same thing about the sleeves.. LOL.

  2. Yes it is the clothes that are so interesting. Such elaborate creations, no doubt looked after with such care. With our cheap, simple clothes of today, have we lost something?


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