Monday, July 19, 2010

Photo Number 256

It is a party!  What I wouldn't give for a pair of those saddle shoes!  This must be the 1950's.  Look at the different kinds of chairs, way off to the right I can see the leg of a Duncan Phyfe has a familiar curve to it's legs.

Talking about a party, there is cause to celebrate..Norkio a regular commenter has finally succumbed to Old Photoitis.  She has started an Old Photo Blog , she calls hers Who Were They?  I am sure you will want to visit her!
Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. She has caught the old photo bug. It is one big party they are having there. I like seeing chairs but that is a broad variety. I have a set of chairs, art deco style that my parents had and I can't part with them, but they are ugly.

  2. Look at all the different chairs! :) Its always nice having a party when you have more guests than matching seats.

    And good for Norkio! The more old pictures the better! :)

  3. OH man! I always wanted to go to one of those parties and wear a hat. sigh.

  4. Our wedding reception was held in a historic building that is now a restaurant. All the chairs were mismatched and I loved the charm of it!

  5. I had saddle shoes like that! This could have been a birthday party at our house in the early 60's. I swear we have a pic like this. Different faces, but same theme.


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