Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Full Circle Eight

Our full circle number eight was completed early this week.. It is a double full circle.  It will all come together..

This is a new photo..I saw it in a local antique shop and knew right away who it was without even turning over the photo.  It was Arthur Meilicke.

 Photos Number 134 
I contacted Kate, she is the sister in law of a relative.  I had mailed her the first two photos of this young family. I mailed her this new photo also.

 Then I heard from Art.  Arthur or Carl Arthur as he is known as was his Great Uncle.  His Grandfather (Edward Edmund) was Carl Arthur's only surviving brother.   I made a CD copy of the photos and sent it to Art.  He in return shared some of the family history with me!

Carl Arthur entered the Moravian College and Theological Seminary at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1892.  He graduated with honors six years later.  He was ordained in 1898 in Goshen, ND.  He served churches in Hector, Minnesota and Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.  His lovely wife was Eugenia and they had five children, three of which survived.  Clement was born in 1901 and was a Physician.  Myron was born in 1905, he was a teacher. and Francis was born in 1913 he also became a Physician.

In earlier family history they immigrated from Moravia to Brandenburg, Germany as a result of religious persecution of the Moravian Brotherhood.  They came to America because of the land opportunity and because of the Ango - Prussian War that broke out in 1866. It was probably a miracle that they were released from Prussian citizenship as it was only granted to one in a thousand.   Then to top it all off not everyone could go..the part of the family that we have photos from stayed and completed his ( Edward)  military service and then emigrated in 1867...his bride ( Wilhelmina) - to - be came with her family a year earlier.

Art sent me this photo. My guess is that this photo was taken sometime in the mid to late 1890's. Perhaps in 1898 when he( Arthur also known as Carl Arthur) returned from Pennsylvania.

Art also shared with me this beautiful photo of his Grandparents on their wedding day in 1901. Wasn't she beautiful!

This family has been an adventure for me, I received a note of thanks from Kate with $5.00 enclosed for was totally unnecessary..but I will throw it in the kitty and purchase some more Forgotten Old Photos.  She wrote " Wish to say thank you for sending the pictures of Carl Arthur Meilicke and family."  You are welcome Kate.  I hope your sister and brother in law enjoy them.

Art wrote "Thanks!  I will mail you some family info soon."  I was pleased to receive a packet from Art this week, the family history that he shared was very interesting, I have shared the highlights with you here.  I do plan to go to Casselton, ND  to the Graveyard some day just to see where this couple Carl Arthur and Eugenia are buried, if and when I do I will post photos here. 

Thank you to Art for sharing more about his relatives!  Thanks for stopping by, do come again:)


  1. Its so cool when you dig the people in these old pictures out of the woodwork so to speak!

  2. Not sure why the old photographs are so fascinating to me, but I love examining them. The old posed wedding photos are always so charming. Nice that you have actually had contact with the family! :)

  3. Love that there is another full circle!


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