Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photo Number 248

Three small children..I enjoyed the relaxed look of this photo, the oldest boy with the saggy socks, the toddler in the romper and the little girl with the big old bow in her hair, and her one pantaloon leg up and one down.  The sign in the background says ---------Hotel....It would be a pure guess at what the first word is.  This photo is probably from around 1920.
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Here is another scan..I believe it says Cottage Hotel on the sign.  When I got this photo out to rescan it at a higher resolution I noticed a date on the back Sept 1 1925 Sioux Falls, SD at a shop called Canedys Cameras Shop or Lanedys..the first letter is only partially there. :)


  1. Such expressions on their faces! I like the little guy in the middle.. he seems to have a 'tude!

    Best I can make of the Hotel name is Deep/Eddy Twik/Tack. LOL - got to get me some new glasses.

  2. P.s., Given the cute sailing outfit - perhaps the name of the hotel is something like "Capt Jack"

  3. How cute. It almost looks like they woke them from a nap to take their pic!

  4. Can you get a higher resolution scan of the sign area?

  5. It is a great shot of three little kids. The one guy has that cloth diaper with a rubber covering over it. Makes a big butt look.

  6. Very cute kids! I wonder if you contacted the Sioux Falls historical society or such, if they would be able to identify the building at least?

  7. It looks like Cottage to me too - I did a quick google and found this:

    I could give myself cateracts from looking at this old picture... :)


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