Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo Number 251

I suppose this was taken by a traveling photographer.  I think this might be a mule. Two little boys confident in their mount, I do notice they have a bridle with a bit.  What do you think for a year?  1920 or earlier?
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  1. That's such a cute picture! It reminds me of pics of my dad and his cousin when they were young and they were born in early 20's.

  2. I'm almost certain this is a mule. Given boys knickers went out of fashion around 1930-ish, I think your time estimate is probably a good one. There is a little bit of a house to be seen - a "cottage-style" that would also fit 1920 or earlier.

    Such cute tikes. :) The animal looks like "he" is in fine shape too.


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