Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photo Number 262

This is a cabinet card.  I purchased this card at an Antique Shop in Park Rapids, Minnesota.  The photographer was Goble and Wenzel of 114 1/2 South High Street Colombus O  which I will assume is Ohio. This photo has EXTRA FINISH as it is noted on the front of the card.  Henry Wenzel was at this studio in 1890 and 1891 so that is what we will use as a date on this photo.
Is she thin or what? I wonder if they lived in Ohio all their lives?  We will never know as this photo is unmarked.
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  1. She is really thin ~ such narrow little shoulders. Thanks for sharing these old photos. I love the clothes.

  2. It is an unusual posing of everyone. It is just a casual view of a family, almost a modern arrangement. It is an interesting shot.

  3. Very slender - that corset hardly has anything to "work with".

    I always wonder what the gentlemen in the pictures are looking at and thinking... they always seem so serious and yet.. their eyes are so vacant or sad/troubled. The other three on the otherhand look like they are engaged with the photographer.

  4. As you pointed out on one of my cabinet cards...where is his other leg?

  5. He looks like he has had some bad news he needs to impart to the rest of the family after the photography session has ended. Maybe it was the bill!

  6. This is certainly from Columbus, Ohio. Henry Wenzel opened his photography studio in Plain City, Ohio, moved his family to "the country" and raised his daughter, Francis. He was the primary photographer for the small town for about 20 years. His photographs of the tornado in 1912 are of fantastic historical value. Thanks for sharing this photo.

    1. Henry Wenzel was my great grand father but not by blood. His daughter, who's name was Florence, not Francis, married and adopted my mother.


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