Saturday, March 28, 2015

Photo Number 1862

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.

Grandma Hibbard Craigs

AM Rothschild and Co. were the photographers in Chicago.

Grandma Hibbard Craigs back

I will guess this was taken about 1890 and she looks to be 60 years old +

Too bad Grandma didn’t have a first name.


Fellow Blogger and Old Photo Collector Who Were They has some info on AM Rothschild.

A.M. Rothschild was a Department Store in Chicago and it opened in 1881.  AM Rothschild would commit suicide  according to the July 29 1902 NY Times.

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  1. I found too many Hibbards at Find a Grave, without a first name it is almost impossible.

  2. Too bad no first name. I imagine finding just the right Hibbard in a place like Chicago would be near impossible. And, of course, that excludes the possibility that she was just in town for a visit...

  3. I've found at least three possibles living in Chicago in 1880 with no way of telling which (if any) of them is the one in the photo. :(

  4. I found a person that may match--I am including a photo of a younger person, found through a google search, though I originally saw the photo at ancestry. I did leave a message for someone who has this person in their tree, to see if they think it could be a match. What do you think?

  5. Yes I think they could be the same person or sisters. I hope we hear from someone:)

  6. I heard from a person who had Julia Merrill Hibbard in his tree, but he is related to the Hibbards, but not necessarily Julia Hibbard, who I believe this could be. He also thought it a strong possibility that it was the ame person in both pics, Julia Hibbard. I did track down information on some of her other relatives, sent a couple messages via ancestry, and hope to hear back from someone at some point. The wait is on.


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