Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Photo Number 1852

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Edith Arnold Craigs

A gal with glasses a large bow in her hair and a corsage, it must have been a special day.  There is no photographers mark on this photo.

Edith Arnold Craigs back

Edith Arnold or Arvold is the name on the back of the photo.

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  1. Looks like Arnold to me. Any guesses on photo-dating? You are usually spot on! I'm thinking the photo is c. 1910 and she was born about 1870-1880?

    1. I "think" she is about 18 years old in the photo. I would guess the photo is from 1910 so that would make her birthdate around 1892.

      Perhaps she is related to the Edith that was born in 1871...daughter?

    2. No, none that fit anyway.

      Perhaps Find A Grave Memorial# 85340153

      Edith Rogers Arnold (Jan. 21, 1886 Illinois - Oct. 1, 1965 Los Angeles County, CA)

    3. I think we are probably looking for Arnold as a maiden name...just my guess:)

  2. Given many of Craig's photos are from the "Left Coast," I would venture a pure guess that this is Edith Isabel Arnold born c. 1871 in England (Canada) and married to Eugene Arnold. They lived in Seattle, Washington in 1920-1940 US Censuses. Eugene was a music teacher. They had an Eugene and Edith Jr.

    1. Hey! Watch that "Left Coast" stuff!!!

      Actually, the "Arnold" name might be a married name, too. It just depends on who wrote the name on the photograph. If it was a descendant, labeling it years later, that person would write from the perspective of how she was known in later years.

  3. Don't you just love old photos? Just to imagine their history.....

    I'm over from the Over 40 Bloggers.



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