Saturday, March 14, 2015

Photo Number 1849

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Clarence Bailey Craigs

McMillan Photography but no idea where?

Clarence Bailey Craigs back

Clarence Bailey  Born 1884

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  1. Sure happy Mr. Emery is going to a family home.
    Clarence is a handsome man with nice hair.

  2. I found another person with a "McMillan Photography" studio image from the same time period. That person lived in Merced, California. I think the photographer was Charles (or Janette) McMillan - they lived in Vallejo, Solano, California - outside of San Fransisco.

    I think this might be William Clarence Bailey - born February 20, 1884.

    Find A Grave Memorial# 29854551

  3. I left a message for someone on that may be a relative of this Clarence Bailey. I based it on a portrait that as posted, which looked somewhat similar to this photo. The Clarence in that portrait was born in 1884 in Indiana, and died in 1957 in Moab, Utah. He also lived in Fort Collins, CO and Long Beach, CA before settling in Moab. Hopefully this will be a lead.

  4. Perhaps Intense Guy's is a closer fit. I will message someone that has that Clarence in their tree, as well. :-)

    1. I was thinking Sue might have a match. The Utah Clarence also has an Oregon connection via San Jose to visit his daughter.

    2. I found two at Find A Grave with birthdates 1884
      Clarence L buried at Battle Creek Calhoun County Michigan
      Clarence Everett buried at Moab Grand County Utah

  5. There is another possibility. The person with the McMillan photo was from Maine, like a later forgotten photo Charles R Muttart.


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