Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Photo Number 1853

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

John Pitts Children

Mould Studio is the Photographer in Dubuque IA

I will guess it is a girl and a boy.  The girls hair is parted very near the center, and the boys hair is parted off to the side.   Many women followed this tradition with their children for many years. The ringlets are adorable!

John Pitts Children back

John Pitts Children

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  1. Any guesstimate as to the date of the photo? The Moulds Studio seems to be more recent then I expected. It might have been started by a man name Sim Mould -- and "[t]he Encyclopedia Dubuque (1911) reveals that Sim Mould operated a photographic studio at 107 Main Street in Dubuque, Iowa."

    Dubuque, Iowa is located in a "tri-state" area, Dubuque County, Iowa, Clinton County, Wisconsin and Grant County, Illinois.

    I have found a number of John Pitts in Grant County, Illinois.

  2. I found him in Dubuque in 1906.

    I will guess this photo was taken around 1905 to 1915. I found a number of John Pitts buried in Iowa, looking at the counties...there are several possibilities.

  3. These two are sure cute! My sister lives in this area--she is in Grant County, which is actually Wisconsin, and Jo Daviess County borders on the Illinois side, which is also the county that houses Galena (a great historic city which is home to the Ulysses Grant home). It is conceivable to think that John Pitts could have lived in a number of surrounding counties that border the Dubuque area.


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